Customer information


Customer information

Important customer information

Please indicate on each payment your order number! Otherwise, there will be a delay of approximately one week. Deposits at the post office counter are to be paid please to our postal account and not to our bank account; otherwise, these will be delayed as well.

logobsu Our bank details:
Bank BSU, IBAN CH77 0688 8016 2010 88010
z. G. GmbH, Im Schörli 30, 8600 Dübendorf
Postal charges:

Feed insects & Accessories up to 99cm length with Swiss Post:

  • up to CHF 20.00 value of goods = CHF 14.90
  • as of CHF 20.00 value of goods = CHF 8.90
  • Bulky goods Swiss Post more than 100 cm up to 250 cm or more than 60x60cm CHF 19.90
  • Frozen food with Swiss Post sweeping CHF 25.00 incl. thermobox and ice bag
  • Express with Swiss Post CHF 19.90 (delivery till 09:00 clock)
  • Express and Bulky items together CHF 39.00

Articles which are not in stock
For mixed orders (stock and non-stock items) we delay the shipping until all items are in stock.

Identity and address of the seller
You close the contract of sale with GmbH ®. Further details about the vendor you will find in the imprint.

Contract conclusion:
By clicking on the button "Submit" you enter a binding order of the goods contained in your cart. The confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after sending the order. The purchase contract comes about with our delivery confirmation.

The prices are final and include the legal VAT which is currently up to 2.5% i.e. 8%. Further details regarding this matter can be found on the product pages.

Payment Methods
The invoice amount is paid by prepayment. Further details (such as the payment date) you receive when you select the payment method.

Delivery times
The estimated delivery time refers to the product's description. If no specifications are being made in the product descriptions, the delivery of orders will take place within one to two days, unless the product is demonstrably paid.

Partial deliveries
Partial deliveries are only made at customer's request, postage charged to the customer.

The warranty is based on the statutory terms, but in case of product shortage we deliver in reference to your choice in addition or touch up in due course. If the amendment fails or is the product, which was delivered in addition, also deficient, you can return the goods against a refund of the full purchase price or keep them and decrease the purchase price. Information about any manufacturer warranties can be found in the product documentation.

Customer Service

  • Phone:           +41 (0) 76 510 29 20 (Mo and Tue 09am-15pm)
  • e-Mail:            via contact form


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