Food Animal Subscriptions


Food Animal Subscriptions

As of now, offers food animal subscriptions again. Articles which are available by subscription, have in the top right overview of the categories a green subscription image abobild-gr-n. All animal feed and food insects are available by subscription.

Order subscription:
First, insert all items that you would like to get delivered regularly to the cart. In step 2 (in select address) during the order process you have a subscription field where you can choose between subscriptions. If nothing is selected, the order is going to be executed as normal, i.e. once. This is a normal order. If you select a subscription, new selection windows will appear where you can select the total number of deliveries, the interval and the subscription beginning. In the last field (subscribe) there must be a tick set as confirmation. Then proceed as usual. Please note, that as shipping days only Monday and Wednesday are available; on other days we cannot send anything. If you select as starting day Monday, your subscription will always be shipped on Monday in the respective interval; the same applies for Wednesday. If a holiday falls on one of these days, the shipping moves one day forward or back. During our holidays (in total around 4 weeks per year out of season in late autumn and / or at beginning of the year) no subscriptions are sent and the subscription shifts, i.e. extends with the same time.

If you should have added items of subscription and other items (e.g. accessories) in your cart, which are not offered by subscription, a window in step 2 appears in which the non-subscription items can be placed on a waiting list. Click the non-subscription items to the waiting list and confirm this in the browser window that opens with send again. After that the large subscription image reappears where you can choose from the subscription selection. The deselected items can now be found at the top right of the cart in the green circle with the number (depending on the number of items in the waiting list this varies). If you click on this circle you can add each non-subscription item back into the cart for any new order without subscription items by clicking onto each item once (in the browser the data must be confirmed with send again).

Each shipment is announced with an email. You receive the bonus points (worth 5% of the merchandise value) depending on the payment method and as soon as the subscription has been paid, i.e. a single subscription delivery has been triggered. You can pay as usual in advance, prepayment, via post payments, credit cards, with postcard, etc. Please note that payments at the post office will need about 4 days to be credited to our account.

For winter packaging such as styrofoam boxes, the customer is responsible. We ship the packages just like the subscriptions have been ordered. If you wish during the winter month a winter package, you can order this at any time later. Please note however, that in this case CHF 10.-- for each delivery is going to be added additionally to the shipping costs. Contact us early in case you would like to buy a winter package, otherwise it may cause shipping delays. Either way, we do not assume any liability for heat or cold damage.

The following subscriptions are available:

Abo 1 – Fixed time subscription with 10% discount

In this subscription you have the choice between 2 and 30 deliveries every 1 to 6 weeks / month. This is a limited subscription with a fixed maturity, which needs to be paid before the subscription beginning as a whole. As a thank you for your trust, we give a 10% discount on the whole subscription beside 5% bonus points, which are being awarded depending on the payment method. Changes in the product assortment (e.g. larger or smaller insect species in the same price range) are possible at any time as long as the total value does not change. It is important that this is communicated to us in writing by e-mail. By telephone we do not accept any changes since this often leads to misunderstandings. The subscription ends automatically after sending the last delivery without further obligation on both sides. You can sign up a new subscription at any time.

In case of early termination of the subscription the remaining credit expires and no further claims can be made. Also, the remaining credit cannot be obtained in the form of other articles such as for example accessories. However, the subscription can be given away within Switzerland, i.e. a change of address is of course possible.

Should you wish an interruption due to vacation, this is possible with written notice to us. The notice must arrive at least 10 days in advance and must be confirmed by us. Longer interruptions of more than 4 weeks at a time are not possible, also multiple consecutively interruptions not. If in total more than 4 weeks interruptions are made per subscription, regardless if in one piece or in several single weeks, the 10% quantity discount, which you have received for the subscription, is going to be called into account, i.e. subscription deliveries are going to be reduced by this amount. Please note that in case a longer stay abroad is planned the subscription needs to be concluded, so that it ends before the departure or that you prematurely give us a change of address, so that your holiday temporary help may receive the food. If more than 4 weeks in one piece of interruption applies, the subscription becomes invalid and the remaining balance will be due, due to inconvenience and losses we have incurred since the food animals are calculated for the entire duration by us and our suppliers. Price increases for subscription items during the whole duration will not be passed and stay at our own risk. The same applies also for price reduction during this time. Short-term special offers for food insects and animal feed are not passed since these generally do not apply for subscriptions.

Abo 2 – Flexible subscription with 5% discount

In this subscription you have the choice between 2 and 52 indefinite deliveries, all 1 to 6 weeks / month. This subscription can be paid by individual payments. I.e. the supplies shall be paid prior to each shipment by banker’s order through the bank / post office. In this selection a payment by credit card (for the moment) is not possible. Schedule the payment so that it arrives with us either on Friday for delivery on Monday or on Monday for the delivery on Wednesday, otherwise delays may occur. The subscription is only trigged by the system when we have saved it as paid. As a thank you for your trust, we give a 5% discount on each delivery beside 5% bonus points, which are being awarded depending on the payment method. If the payments are repeatedly late or not received in advance, the subscription will be cancelled on our part. This subscription can be cancelled or suspended at any time in writing by e-mail. Please note that in this case the banker’s order needs to be stopped. Changes in the product composition are at any time possible. It is important that this is communicated to us in writing by e-mail. By telephone we do not accept any changes since this often leads to misunderstandings. Also the banker’s order needs to be adjusted in case of changes to the deliveries. Price increases and price decreases for subscription items are passed by us immediately. In this case we will inform you by e-mail and expect an adjustment of the banker’s order within 1 week. Short-term special offers for food insects or animal feed are not passed since these do not apply for subscriptions. If the subscription is being cancelled after only one delivery, respectively if no payment for the second delivery is being received, the 5% discount of the first delivery will be charged.

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